About Heather Jacks

Heather Jacks is a contemporary painter and photographer currently living in Oregon.  Her work can be seen at Foundry gallery in Washington D.C.  Heather's photography can bee seen at www.heatherjacksphotography.com

Heather's Process

Painting is an expressive and cathartic process for me.  I start with no preconceived notion about what the work will become.  I listen to my intuition and let the surfaces emerge.   My thoughts are often of the patinas that arise with age, the gradual change in the color and texture and structure of all things over time.  Intuitive mark making and line drawing are an important part of the process.   As I apply layer after layer of cold wax mixed with oil paint and scrape back some areas to reveal the underlying layers and colors, I ultimately reach a point at which I know that the work is complete. 

A Word about Oil and Cold Wax

Oil paint is mixed at different proportions with cold wax medium.  The paint is applied with a brayer, or palate knife in layers onto a sturdy surface (often cradled panels).  Powdered pigment, oil sticks and pastels are often added into layers of the work.  Paint can be applied wet over wet, or wet over dry paint.  The paint is often scraped or gouged to show the underlying color and layers.  Various tools are used to create texture and marks on the surface of the paint.  Solvent can be applied to the top layer to remove color in some areas.

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